Simon Parks: January 21 (by Charlie Ward)

Simon Parks (January 21)

The biggest question is, was I wrong and WHAT exactly are the good guys going to do?

There is a small group of people who are very angry, blaming me, Robert David Steele, Sasha Stone, Charlie Ward, Ian Farrow, and generally anyone who speaks positively about President Trump.

You know, we passed on the information we had, and it was accurate. For example, Charlie and I talked about Pompeo tweeting in half an hour, then in 20 minutes, 15, 10, 5, and that’s exactly what happened. This was the information that we received. Therefore, the idea that we purposefully mislead people is simply ridiculous.

So, the plan was this: to pull together 26 thousand National guardsmen (which they did), to fence off all this space, to put the Marines in underground tunnels (there is a real network of tunnels running under the buildings and connecting them to each other) and to arrest the entire «party» (they gathered them all in one place). That is why there are so many military personnel, all fenced off, erected awnings (they were not for the press, but for sorting congressmen, senators). But none of this happened. And in a conversation today between one and two in the morning, I was told, » Something went wrong.» They didn’t want to reveal the details because the conversation was on an open line. Something went wrong. I can imagine that these Cabal Satanists are crazy enough to go (to the most horrible things). Negotiations with them are pointless. But that would be there no matter what happened, it was serious enough.

If you watched the inauguration closely, you might have noticed that some of it was actually shot, and some of it was filmed in advance. Recall that the event of 9/11 was also staged partly in the studio, partly in reality. The good guys were aware of this. We talked about it. Both Robert David Steele and Charlie Ward were aware that the dark side had a plan to partially film the material in advance and compile it. But because of this, operations are not canceled. Because even if the same people were «in» two different places, the good guys would tell me. But something incomparably more serious happened that changed the course of the operation. At this point, that’s all I can  tell you. If I have a live conversation, I don’t know if I can share it with you.

Now about what is happening now. The good guys are excited. It is very interesting. None of them asked me NOT to tell you, so I’m sharing. There will be a second attempt to remove Biden.

Now about what Trump did before his «departure». He declassified a large number of documents, but not for the courts (because many courts are corrupt), but for the states. And they say that a large number of people who were afraid to speak for Trump and did not do what they could (and the Constitution allowed them to do so) received these documents. And, as I understand it, two states are now on the verge of disclosing information on the results. If earlier these people thought that the military would come and do all the work for them, and they would quietly sit out, now the discontented population puts pressure on them, and they (governors, legislators) somehow have to save their own skin, using the information that came out in the last 2-3 days.

I was told on the phone that about 800 military personnel ranging from general to colonel are completely on the side of Trump and do not want to have anything to do with Biden. As a result, in fact, there are now two governments in Washington, DC: there is an official who can sign laws on civil matters and something related to foreign affairs, but now there is also a military government, about which the media is silent, and which directs intelligence and all military aspects. Biden’s team requested information on the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, and the Pentagon refused them. It’s unheard of for a supposed top commander to make such a request, and the Pentagon would refuse it. Biden was told not to set foot in the Pentagon.

The Pentagon also denied Biden’s team classified information on U.S. security issues. Now two people are leading the military operation: Peter T. Gaynor (note) – Peter Thomas Gaynor, was officially confirmed by the US Senate as the administrator of FEMA on January 14, 2020. Gaynor has more than 11 years of experience working in emergency situations, his name has already been removed from the site), and s, who was the current US Secretary of Defense. ​ These two run the show. And it doesn’t matter that Biden stripped them of their official positions, they took the oath of office and continue to serve. So in his farewell speech, Trump said: «I’ll come back in one form or another.» We think that he will return as the 19th president, following Ulysses Grant. transl. – Ulysses S. Grant is an American political and military figure, led the Union Army during the American Civil War, and was an army general. From March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877 — the 18th president of the United States). Maybe he’ll settle down in Texas. And then we will proceed to the financial reset, which is absolutely real.

When the Towers were demolished in New York (9/11), it was all a cover for the fact that the Bushes, Cheneys, and Rumsfields took the gold out of Building 9. And this gold was intended to launch a new financial system. Before that, John F. Kennedy Sr. tried to launch this system. He was killed for it. And the gold that was «under the roof» of the CIA and the FBI was intended to return to the gold standard, regardless of the wishes of President Bush. The «terrorist attack» that same day on the Pentagon concerned the naval aspect: it was there that the documentation concerning gold and its use in the new financial system was stored. The Navy has always been the closest to the people. And now the whole army is much closer to the people. And the reason why the Deep State was so eager to remove Trump by any means is precisely because he wants to bring back the gold standard. So when we gave you information according to the Plan, it wasn’t because we wanted to deceive you or make fun of you, but because it was true. And regarding the fact that the arrest operation took a different turn on the 20th: I don’t think it’s the White Hats ‘ fault. They just didn’t see something. We were talking about heavy-duty computers. We have one, but the Black Hats also have one (China has a very powerful one), so it’s an equivalent game, but sometimes ours were two steps ahead.

So, at this point, what do we have? The good guys may have made a mistake in their calculations, or they probably didn’t take something into account, and when the bad guys said «We have it» (whatever it was), it was on such a scale that the plan fell through. There is no possibility that people with a dark past would go without insurance to a fortress surrounded by 25 thousand soldiers. So they had some kind of insurance. Let’s call it the «Doomsday device»: «you want to destroy us, and we will destroy America.» Under other circumstances, you would have laughed and thought it was a bluff, but you have to consider that these people are not normal ordinary people: they are attached to a way of life in which the most terrible things were done. So for the sake of saving people’s lives, the good guys canceled the operation. None of them had slept all last night.

Now they’ve regrouped.

If anyone does not know Charlie Ward, initially he was engaged in the fact that he transported gold by plane (approx. transl. – and large amounts of cash), first for individuals, families and companies. He did not store it, but was engaged in accounting for the movement of gold around the planet (so many tons of gold left one airport and went to another airport). He had acquired an impeccable reputation for integrity (not a single ingot had disappeared along the way in all these years). His name surfaced in government circles around the world in view of the planned program to restart the financial system. And they hired Charlie to move the gold between the countries. He told me that the 34 quadrillion confiscated from the Vatican included paper money, gold, and artifacts (including the Vatican library). All this was taken out by the Trump team, and it is stored somewhere in a secure underground location.

And as for Trump’s letter to Biden, which I posted on my blog. It wasn’t fake. I received it at five o’clock British time, marked » Don’t share it before six o’clock in the evening.» Lin Wood posted a similar one in his office. Trump wrote: «Joe, you know I won.» Everyone knows this now. And then you will see more. You will see how awkward it will be for the leaders of other countries to communicate with Biden, how two-thirds of the US population will ignore Biden (you know that the White House removed its video of the passage of Biden’s motorcade, because so few people watched it and there were a huge number of dislikes). Biden has no control over the military. So his hands are tied.

It’s the fiscal year, the first quarter, and they want to launch a new monetary system. I was told that during the transition, people will not lose their money in their accounts and their money will not be devalued.

Trump (on target) employs about 8 thousand people around the world. And they didn’t get up this morning in tears and think, «It’s all gone!» No, they got up with their thoughts: «Well, what do I do next?» Remember that we are not dealing with ordinary gangsters. We’re dealing with Satanic Cabal gangsters. Even Al Capone had some sort of code of honor. These people have no code at all. So it’s not a direct fight, otherwise people might get hurt. I can assume that they did not threaten the military. They threatened to do something to the civilian population. ​ The media announced that Trump flew to Mar-a-Lago, but this is not true, he returned back to the District of Columbia (because the operation was supposed to take place there). And when everything changed, he flew to Florida, but the military continues to report to him.

You should be aware that insiders can be wrong. Sometimes this is required by the course of the battle and everything happens on purpose-you need to confuse the enemy. If WE listen to it and read it, so do they. It makes sense. So I urge you to treat insider reports as food for thought, a push for new research, and not the ultimate truth. This applies to any information that surrounds us today.

MSM coordinated attack on “Qanon” after Biden’s Inauguration Day. A majority of these articles are just copy and pasted from the same story. They focus on how Q was wrong and use adjectives like betrayed and disarrayed. This attack was an attempt to break up the movement. 

Here are the articles:

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What’s not a show?

The Daily Mail reported that the doors of the «White House» were locked in front of the Bidens on the day of the «inauguration».

President Trump’s butler was fired a few hours before the ceremony and there was no one to open the door for them.

The Daily Mail reported on other embarrassments of Biden’s «inauguration». No one showed up except the soldiers, the media, and politicians. It showed what millions believe: Biden stole the 2020 election. As they approached the White House, the awkward day turned into a clown show.

Biden sits in the Linden room at the White house, his wife ignored the military, he was not given the presidential Board to come to «inauguration», no one met at the White house, did not open their doors, not had a tour as it should be…

There are many other pieces of the puzzle, based on which, it becomes obvious that this is a performance and Biden is not the legitimate President of America.

Friends, I want to share my observations that will spur you on a little. It’s kind of exciting, because if you see some data about what’s going on in Washington, and you read the news about Biden coming to Washington on a private jet, everything starts to make some sense in this sea of absurdity that we’re in right now.

So, the data: Joe Biden was denied the right to a government plane, so he flew to Washington for the inauguration on a private plane. Why did this happen? This is the first time in history that a president has been denied the use of Air Force One or one of the government planes for an inauguration. Trump used it in 2017 when he flew to the inauguration. He arrived on board under the number 757 09-0017.

If you remember, the other day, when the inauguration was held, there was a temporary restriction on flights, in fact, this big red circle (on the map) over West Palm Beach means that Trump was there. This is a common thing for presidents.​ Even Bush, who has been out of office for a long time, still has it (the TFR on the map glows red). So if you look at north Dallas on this map, this little red circle right here is a VIP for George Bush. That’s where he lives, that’s where he lives. So, during the Trump administration, we had a TFR (approx. transl.- Terrain Following Radar-Terrain Tracking Radar is a military aerospace technology that allows a low-flying aircraft to automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above ground level and therefore makes it difficult for enemy radars to detect), which was over the White House, and then we had TFR, over Manhattan, over Trump Tower. ​This was his second location.

At Mar-a-Lago he has (on the map) there was a yellow circle. On January 20, it was constantly glowing red there. And now it’s no longer there. So, last night, this TFR disappeared, which means that Trump is not in Florida. The TFR over New York has also disappeared. So, where does this lead us?

I want to show you something, because it’s important. This was the inaugural day flight, which was a C-17 aircraft with the call sign «712 Tango». This plane actually flew from Charleston (military base) to Palm Beach, and it flew on the same route that I’m going to show you.

He flew to DC in 16 hours 13 minutes, landed in Charleston in 8-23 in the evening. He was in Washington this afternoon. (note. transl. – The video at 4:16 shows the «loop» that the plane made). Now you can see that it goes down and really, lands, parks. They took the same route on the day of the inauguration. And I think it was a training exercise for what they were going to do.

We are now moving to the C-17 aircraft with the call sign «713 Tango».

When this plane takes off from Mar-a-Lago, the time limit on flights is lifted, which means that Trump is on this plane, he is «taken out» (approx. transl. – he uses the word «exfil» more than once, in the language of the military it means extraction, as well as exfiltration – the process of removing personnel when it is necessary that they are immediately moved from a hostile environment and brought to an area occupied or controlled by friendly personnel. The video at 4:55 shows the flight path. When the green color changes to white, it means that the plane has landed. He stayed there for about an hour and then flew in the opposite direction, making a kind of «loop»). Technically, there was supposed to be a second flight from Washington to Charleston, but that didn’t happen. Also pay attention to the time of day. 11: 26 pm – they did all this at night, he was taken out in the dark.

Now let’s look at the logbook. It landed in Washington at 20: 20: 20. Took off at 21: 16: 26. (And then landed in Charleston at 23: 26). If you calculate the time spent in the parking lot, it is exactly 56 minutes and 6 seconds. This is important because the anons (approx. transl.- people who decipher Q drops) will take this timekeeping and calculate: 5 + 6 + 6 = 17. Trump could have been flying anything, but instead he was flying the C-17.

Now you may recall that Pence was actually on a C-17 not so long ago when a bird got into his plane, and the C-17, which was in the Navy’s charge at the time, was converted to Flight Number Two. For those who do not know what kind of plane it is, it is a large military transport aircraft designed to transport troops and military equipment. But it can also carry other cargo. You could see how the C-17 accompanied Trump everywhere, moving all of his vehicles, Marine One (approx. transl. – Marine One-the call sign of any U.S. Marine Corps aircraft carrying the President of the United States.

Typically, this is one of the 19 helicopters of the HMX-1 «Nighthawks» air squadron — either a relatively large VH-3D or a more modern VH-60N) and the like.

So if Biden, who became the new president, is denied a government plane. Think about it. Now, if Trump is technically no longer president, he should also be denied a military plane. So why do they put him on a C-17 military plane, take him to Washington, he sits on the ground for less than an hour, 56 minutes and 6 seconds, and then, he could get out there and go somewhere, there are several bunkers, but I don’t see him flying to Washington.

And the reason I say that is because there is some data.

​I just read an article yesterday that they’re asking for another 26,000 troops to be deployed to the District of Columbia. Now, keep in mind that there are currently 65,000 soldiers in the District of Columbia, and some of them have gone home. They said they were going to keep 7,000 for 30 days, but I saw that yesterday there was a request to the Pentagon that asked for another 26,000. Right now, they say it will be in the first 30 days. This is important because, if you remember, Mike Flynn’s last post was about 30.

Now let’s take a look at what’s installed in Charleston. This base is an official naval base, but it has been converted into a multi-purpose federal complex (231 acres) with 17 government and military tenants, as well as a home port for 6 Ro-Ro Reserve Force ships, 2 Coast Guard security boats, and 2 research ships. So the number 17 comes up again and again, and I think there’s a reason for that.

So I honestly think that at the moment Trump is exfiltrated. He’s gone. I can assume that it is in a safe location, probably outside of the continental United States. It was hidden.

Let’s just keep an eye on what’s going on, because things aren’t what they seem, and I don’t think this is the end. In fact, I think it’s far from over.

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