Pacheco Pereira, Andre Pinotes Batista, Alvaro Sobrinho and Paulo Portas – corrupts politicians linked to Iran (Intell Report – non-Classified information only)

Pacheco Pereira is very close to portuguese Socialist MP, Andre Pinotes Batista.

Andre Pinotes Batista was a far-left radical in his membership to portuguese Socialist Youth (JS – Juventude Socialista), connected with far-left politicians in Spain and France.

Andre Pinotes Batista has participated in movements and iniciatives in favor of Catalonia Independence.

In these movements, Andre Pinotes Batista has forged connections with pro-Palestine radical groups.

Andre Pinotes Batista was member of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship between Portugal and Palestine.

Andre Pinotes Batista is member of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship between Portugal and Iran.

Andre Pinotes Batista was a cheerleader within the Socialist Party for the restablishment of the diplomatic ties between Portugal and the teocratic regime of Teheran.

Ana Gomes, former portuguese European MP, influent socialist party’s member, has motivated Andre Pinotes Batista and Pedro Nunes Santos (current portuguese minister) to embrace the teocratic regime of Teheran.

Ana Gomes is very appreciated by the Ayatollahs regime due to her role in the European Parliament to whitewash the violent and criminal repression of Teheran regime’s dissidents and every critic.

Pacheco Pereira and Ana Gomes have a strong friendship and they participate quite often in public conferences and political initiatives together.

It’s our understanding that Pacheco Pereira and Ana Gomes belong to different portuguese political parties, but they have a common agenda and personal affinities.

Andre Pinotes Batista is a socialist party’s boy who blindly obeys to ever instruction dictated by Ana Gomes, Pedro Nuno Santos and every socialista leader, mostly from the most extreme wing of the party.

Andre Pinotes Batista is a member of the local assembly in Barreiro, a county controled by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP).

Jose Pacheco Pereira is very close to Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) as well, attending his political past and his academic work about the founder of PCP.

Jose Pacheco Pereira is a personal friend to Andre Pinotes Batista.  Palestine and especially Iran are the most importante bound between them.

Andre Pinotes Batista helps Jose Pacheco Pereira a lot in EPHEMERA, the archive of historical artifacts located (no coincidence) in Barreiro, organizing and collecting material.

Andre Pinotes Batista helps promoting EPHEMERA and Jose Pacheco Pereira’s interests in the local assembly as well (financial, benefits and so forth).

Jose Pacheco Pereira dedicated a thanks note to Andre Pinotes in his website:

Esta faixa foi o maior objecto entrado no ARQUIVO / BIBLIOTECA relativo à campanha das autárquicas.

O que permitiu que a cobertura das últimas eleições autárquicas chegasse a mais de 200 concelhos (e a muitas centenas de freguesias) foi a recolha dedicada de muitos voluntários por todo o país. A seguir segue uma lista, ainda incompleta, a somar ás anteriores, de alguns desses “trabalhadores”, a quem muito agradeço:  ANDRÉ PINOTES BATISTA” BY EPHEMERA/JOSE PACHECO PEREIRA.

ANDRE PINOTES Batista was side by side with Jose Pacheco Pereira during EPHEMERA’s inauguration in Barreiro, Baia do Tejo, as one can see here: (with photo – Jose Pacheco Pereira and Andre Pinotes Batista)

Jose Pacheco Pereira is no more than a puppet of the darkest interests, especially from Libya and Iran.

Andre Pinotes Batista is very close to Jose Ricciardi and Alvaro Sobrinho, from Angola.

Alvaro Sobrinho has financial ties with Iran, creating using offshore companies methods to evade US sanctions against Iran, with the help of Ricciardi, Chinese assets in Portugal, Paulo Portas (former Minister) and his groups, like Joao Rebelo, Nuno Melo and legal office Morais Leitao.

Paulo Portas became a close friend to Alvaro Sobrinho and persuaded Alvaro Sobrinho to walk out from portuguese newspaper SOL, as a revenge for SOL publication of some evidence of Paulo Portas’s massive corruption.

Alvaro Sobrinho imposed Andre Pinotes Batista as Ricciardi’s right-hand in his run for portuguese soccer team, Sporting Club de Portugal.

Paulo Portas supported Ricciardi for President of Sporting, regardless the fact that no one in Portugal knew about his taste for soccer.

As for Paulo Portas, as for Jose Pacheco Pereira, is all about money and about their own power.

Paulo Portas and Jose Pacheco Pereira are personal friends, though public enemies. This is a disguise Paulo Portas learned in his jesuit formation.

Paulo Portas and Jose Pacheco Pereira ‘ve had political businesses together over the last decades…very secretly and using the State tools to hide them…always connected with Libya and Iran.

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