Holy Conspiracy! How the Vatican helped Obama, China & Leonardo SpA Steal the Election with 14 Pallets of Money

A money trail involving everyone from Dubai’s Sheikh to the CEO of Deutsche Bank traces a convincing path from the Iran nuclear deal strait to the U.S. election stolen from Trump

The Vatican Bank — long plagued by scandal and corruption — is now under new management.
It’s true. Pope Francis has packed up the bank and moved it out from under the Vatican branch that oversaw it for hundreds of years and put it under his own direct oversight. Why?
Depending on who you ask it’s either to hide illegal and immoral actions in the past, or to facilitate immoral and illegal actions coming soon. Either way it’s not nice, the amount of “suspicious activity” reports having to do with the bank spiked up to 64 in 2020, and reports say at least $3 billion is currently held frozen by the Council of Europe’s Moneyval division.

But there’s more to it than just the usual greasing of wheels, bribing and sex scandal cover-ups. On January 17th of 2017, weeks before Donald Trump took office in the U.S., an Italian C130 took off loaded with $400 million. The news covered this very expensive pinata when it landed in Tehran — and President Obama called it a long overdue pay out from money frozen by the U.S. during the 1970’s after the fall of the Shah.

On-the-ball conservatives thought they smelled something else, and tied it to Iran’s Nuclear agreement — one of Obama’s legacy foreign policy acts.

But the truth is looking even worse. New sources say the amount of money involved that day was more like $1.7 billion. It took up 14 pallets on the plane. Obama had claimed there was no U.S. currency involved, but it has since been shown it was all U.S. dollars. And that after the plane took off, $400 million lighter, the rest went to Dubai where a secret meeting between Obama’s proxies and the current ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, or MBR. Also at the meeting was Valerie Jarrett, the Iran-born go-between for the Obama administration and for his foundation on matters both above and below the radar. Also at the meeting was the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, the ranking commercial officer for relations between the U.S. and Iran, and head of security for the Iranian Embassy in Rome.

Money was wired to the Vatican Bank immediately, and later, much of it was sent by truck to Geneva for safekeeping. There Deutsche Bank took over, facilitating operations from its Chinese branch under control by the CCP to manipulate, and destroy, the West.

The Italian Secret Service just released this photo of the actual money from 2016.

Many have worried that this kind of money was siphoned off for terrorist activities. Well some might say it was. The recent Satellite Swap & Steal operation allegedly perpetrated by defense contractor Leonardo SpA is now said to have been funded entirely from this batch of Obama-Tehran-MBR-Vatican cash stash.

Global word is that the hatchet is coming down on this operation. Not just the Leonardo part–where Arturo D’Ella, the IT operator who has admitted to pushing the satellite uplink buttons connecting his Via Veneto office with the CIA-protected Dominion servers in Frankfurt–but also on the bigger picture linking China, Iran and Obama.

Follow the money indeed.

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