Worrying trends in Iran-Portugal relations

Santos Silva hopes that a potential Biden administration will not object to Iranian control of Port of Sines.

Write this name down: Augusto Santos Silva, the Portuguese foreign minister.

You will hear a lot about him in the next six months – after all, Portugal will be leading the European Union during the first half of 2021.

Santos Silva has recently visited Israel – as well as Palestinian Authority officials – and declared that Portugal will not follow US’ decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem and that he hopes a Biden Administration might…revitalize peace. Yes, you read it right: revitalize peace. Peace has never been stronger than it is nowadays with President Trump’s decisive leadership and foreign policy based on facts, common sense and morals.

The new peace agreements between Israel and four Arab nations make us all more secure and show that even the impossible is within our reach if we adopt the right attitude and have the right commander in chief. President Trump, Jared Kushner and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deserve all the praise for these unprecedented peace achievements.

In the European Union, however, the world is always seen differently. Peace is not important if peace means that Israel is stronger. Peace, for the European Union bureaucrats, is not real peace if it does not quite fit in their anti-Israel narratives. And when war breaks out, this war, as far as the European Union bureaucrats’ concerns, is just a fight for peace.

Santos Silva has this kind of mindset. He is not a strong politician, neither psychologically nor politically speaking – so he is very sensitive to the vocal anti-Israel voices in Portugal and in Brussels. Santos Silva dreams of a very comfortable life in Brussels as the head of some European Union agency or useless power structure.

In his phone call with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Santos Silva reiterated his country’s commitment to the 2015 nuclear agreement and even go beyond it. Augusto Santos Silva classified President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal as «irresponsible» and a «ridiculous mistake.» Tragically funny how these European bureaucrats see the world.

Finally, Santos Silva in his call discussed a series of Iranian investments in Portugal. These investments are expected to occur in crucial sectors: higher education and scientific research; media; sea ports and communications.

Why is the Iranian regime so interested in Portuguese sea ports? One simple, though crucial, reason: There is one sea port in southern Portugal – Port of Sines – that will be vital for future international geopolitics.

Santos Silva hopes that a potential Biden administration will not object to Iranian control of Port of Sines.

Augusto Santos Silva ‘s phone conversation Mohammad Javad Zarif is very worrisome. The world must wake up now to the discrete expansion of Iran through various ports and foreign nations. Our liberty and our security are at stake. The time for just «wait and see» is over.