Violence never is an idea – Joe Biden must learn the lesson and stop with the inflamatory speech

First, and foremost: violence must ALWAYS be unconditionally censored. There is no left-wing violence and right-wing violence – there is only violence, which the community governed by rule of law cannot tolerate. All violence is equally unacceptable.

Violence cannot be at the mercy of political narratives: the political struggle must be intense, sometimes excessive, sometimes passionate, but never challenging democratic-constitutional authority and threating public order.

One observation is obvious from those who look at the facts without prejudice or political bias: the climate that led to yesterday’s events could have been avoided, had the media and then presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned, without hesitation, the terrorist actions , of enormous violence, in major American cities, of the groups connected with the ANTIFA and the BLM.

Estados Unidos se enciende de costa a costa contra el racismo y la violencia  policial

It is clear that from a communicational point of view it is difficult to criticize these groups, precisely because they use strategic labels to identify themselves which immediately appeal to our compassion and solidarity.

All of us – at least, the overwhelming majority of us all, the sensible and decent majority – reject fascismo. We are all ANTIFAS too.

All of us – the vast majority, at least, or the right majority – understand that all human beings are equal in dignity and rights, deploring and fighting hard against racism.

However, these groups use tactics that play badly with the nobility of their purposes: they call into question the very constitutional system that gives them the right to promote such demonstrations and to claim their (very legitimate) rights and aspirations. The communicational strategy is always to impose the semantics, slogans over reality and real actions.

In any case, they are closer to terrorist groups and actions than to legitimate democratic protest groups. The partisan media, the propaganda trap, however, does not allow a reasonable and accurate evaluation and critic of these movements – criticizing their actions is considered as a defense of fascismo or racial discrimination. The media and the propaganda regime caught everyone who dares to call what ANTIFAS are – demoestic terrorists – in their web of constant smearing the political opponents of the ideology and (dark) interests they serve.

Estados Unidos, en llamas por las protestas por la muerte de George Floyd:  un fallecido y al menos dos heridos

It is the tactic that was born in the Soviet Union, in communist regimes, which then passed on to anti-Semitic groups that claim the destruction of the State of Israel – such as BDS – and that are now trying to undermine the United States.

The same machine that funds BDS and ANTIFA in the U.S. is infiltrating Tel Aviv groups: after Trump, the next priority mission is to get Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu out.

Destroying Americanism and Zionism to reinforce the pillars of globalism as an architecture of international power: the USA will be dissolved in an enlarged Europe, shaping accordingly to Berlin interests; Iran-China Route (the Silk Road),and the so-called multilateral organizations that will support the previous two, institutionalizing the prevalence of economic and financial power over political power.

It is nevertheless very eloquent that the financing of these groups has never been revealed, although there have been very thorough and competent investigations by international intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Mysteriously, the collected info always disappears …

I wrote before that Joe Biden was creating a monster – with the complacency and partidan activism by the media – when he refused to condemn the ANTIFAS violence and claimed the group as just an idea. ANTIFAS was an idea, according to Biden.

After destroying shops, burning streets, seriously attacking people – Joe Biden said that these terrorist groups were … an idea. This statement, which would have been a scandal in other times, was applauded by the media, widespread and even considered by CNN as one of the most exciting moments of the Presidential debate. Yeah, right…CNN always fighting for peace, serenity and national healing…Bet yeah!

The trivialization of violence, the inability to condemn violence, always generates an increase in violence. And the problem is that Joe Biden and the left can be very pleased with ANTIFAS and these violent movements today, but tomorrow the creature will always turn against the creator.

It is no accident that the Cuban and Iranian regimes finance these groups.

La violencia se extiende en EEUU y Trump culpa a la extrema izquierda -  Información

The goal is not to have Biden or another: the ultimate goal is to break the United States and put a end on Americanism. Destroying American Exceptionalism to establish a multilateral world dominated by the China-Iran Axis, with Europe led by Germany on potential level field with the USA.

On the other hand, there are data that cannot be ignored: once again, it is an event that, in fact, fits the narrative of Joe Biden and his globalist, anti-Americanist supporters.

It allowed them to avoid the discussion about electoral irregularities, the presentation to the American people and the world of Senator Ted Cruz‘s hard and thorough work on “very strange phenomena”, which would denounce even some members of Congress – and all of this was made impossible  due to deplorable events.

Knowing that ANTIFAS has called for a counter-demonstration in Washington DC, the infiltration of ANTIFAS members into Capitol Hill events, and their involvement in the murder of four people, must be thoroughly investigated. It is a case for law enforcement and intelligence, of national security.

Antifa: el grupo que Donald Trump planea designar como terrorista - The New  York Times

What we saw yesterday has all the ingredients of a false flag operation: even the sadly bizarre fact of how easily ANTIFA and BLM groups were tackled when they tried to enter state legislatures – and, by contract, they entered the US Congress so easily. I am saying this with no conspiracy theories attached (which I repudiate); and certainly without theories, and practices, of omission (which should be fought democratically).

More importantly, President Trump proved to be a true statesman, as opposed to Biden.

Trump did not say that the protestants were just an idea or were just demanding constitutional rights.

Now: President Trump demanded that they go home quickly and even ordered, contrary to what Mike Pence and the Defense Department wanted, the mobilization of the National Guard to contain the protesters. What a contrast, in defense of democracy and security, with Joe Biden!

Violence is NEVER an idea.

2020: Election year (with no glitches) coincidences

In politics and intelligence, there is a principle that nothing happens by chance. Because social events are mostly the result of human agency, of human action.

Now, what have we had in the last year?

A virus that came from China, and that is killing the fundamental values ​​on which Western civilization is based, the consequences of which we do not yet fully know. Very dark times are yet to come.

Widespread violence actions in the USA, in all states.

What Is 'Antifa'? Meet the Fascist-Fighting Coalition Dubbed the 'Alt-Left'  by President

Mainstream media that only admits a narrative and it is part of the political game – it no longer scrutinizes, but participates. It is not an inspector; media is the playmaker of progressive, globalist, Anti-Americanist politics.

The emergence of Big Techs, with normative powers superior to the State itself: which challenges the whole logic of democratic constitutionalism, especially regarding the applicability of fundamental rights  and the determination of what “State Action” is. 

What  does it mean today that the Constitution limits power? Certainly, it cannot be interpreted in the same light as traditional 19th century canons, not even post-World War II modern constitutionalism …

The Big Techs prove – they are just one example – that globalism as an instrument of power necessarily implies the erosion of constitutionalism .

A reality that is common to the historic emergence and consolidation of imperialist phenomenons.

Then, SUPER PAC’s linked to  the Democratic Party in March, were created to promote … the non-face vote. Now, who puts millions of dollars to promote voting by correspondence and amendment to the electoral laws, if does not know the exact advantage that this will bring to him? For example, the lobbying in Pennsylvania to amend state electoral laws, which are ostensibly unconstitutional …

Or Hillary Clinton’s claim in September, that «there is no chance of losing» and that «Joe Biden should under no circumstances concede to Trump.» It seems that Hillary Clinton was inciting violence …according to liberals standards…

Another strange thing: The approval of the vaccine, which was impossible until the 3rd of November – after a few days, the approval of the vaccine was not only impossible, it became essential. And it was done in a few weeks. Interestingly, the first vacine is from a US-Germany consortium …

Yesterday, Mike Pence had said and assured that, applying his interpretation of the Constitution, it would “be our day in Congress”. Mike Pence has, in his possession, a series of realities that more than justify the reconsideration of the electoral college votes and the legality of the election. However, Mike Pence changed… .and just accepted the votes of the electoral college…Without even na audit…

And then, what happened … very pertinent.

Something happened between yesterday morning and afternoon that influenced Pence’s decision …

It is also curious to note the insistence on the reference to the Bush v. CaseGore by the Democrats and Mitt Romney: that is, Democrats do not refute that there were irregularities, but the US international credibility prevents a review of the electoral process…

Regardless of all the rest, the world should be grateful to President Trump, certainly the best first-term President in U.S. history.

The President who brought peace and achieved the impossible in the Middle East.

The President who recognized Yerushalayim, Israel’s eternal capital, as his political capital.

The President who improved the lives of African American community.

The President who did most for the Latin community, obtaining a record number of votes from this community for a GOP candidate.

The President who reached record economic rates, lifting people out of poverty, creating jobs.

The President who, for the first time, tried to make the world see that Communist China is the existential threat to all of us – perhaps that is why the hate of the Big Corporate elites and of Europeans sold to Chinese easy money hate towards President Trump.

The President who realized the importance of the country’s reindustrialization, plain fact that Europeans leaders are now discovering.

The President who most respected the original understanding of the US Constitution, even more than Bush, refusing to act often unilaterally, as Obama had done.

The President who made more appointments to the federal judiciary – without ever conditioning judges, always avoiding any contact with them so that no one would accuse him of illegitimate interference. There were therefore no meetings with judges on private planes … as occurred in the past with a certain President …

In the near future, the world will learn a lot about what happened. And information is never lost; it is conserved and reality is changing.

And President Trump’s greatest legacy is the return of Americanism.

The USA is the leader of the free world – but first of all, the largest country in the world because it is a unique country. An unbeatable and winning country due to its patriotism and love for the freedom of its people.

Not even Joe Biden will be able to bury Americanism – America will win Communist China, just as it won Nazism and Soviet Communism.

And President Trump – like the Trump family – still has a lot to give the United States …

The Trump family, with its political capital, even because of the difference it established in the reaction to a constitutional crisis in relation to Biden (who joined the violence and took advantage of the ANTIFA violence for political purposes), will do everything to Keep America Winning, Winning , Winning! 

The world is and will be an American world, no matter how hard it is to admit to Europe.

No, China will not overtake the USA. Communist China and all its supporters here, the existential threat to us all (never forget!) Will collapse – one way or another…

“Everywhere – Everywhere, we’ve met thousands of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans from all economic conditions, all walks of life, bound together in that community of shared values ​​of family, work, neighborhood, peace, and freedom.

They’re concerned, yes. They’re not frightened.

They’re disturbed, but not dismayed.

They are the kind of men and women Tom Paine had in mind when he wrote, during the darkest days of the American Revolution, «We have it in our power to begin the world over again.»