Fight for Freedom: President Trump (the most loved man in the US) is being helped by patriot Erik Prince (and Black Cube) to uncover the HUGE FRAUD!

This will be another week of news and exaltation of patriotism and greatness of the American people. As much as the so-called globalist power structures and whoever dreams of the continuous weakening of the United States to encourage a EU try to overthrow Americanism, their efforts will always stop at nothing because the American people always stand up in defense of Freedom, liberties and of the “Stars and Stripes”.

In the coming days, demonstrations of the greatness of the USA and the triumph of the “America First” (memorize this well, because this European elite that sits down sending virtual kisses to the bloody Chinese Communist tyrant, President Xi, will listen and continue to learn the meaning of this expression often in the future) will travel across the US, in particular Washington DC.

The electoral process continues and much remains to be seen; there is much revealing material that the world will be able to witness in the next days. Even Joe Biden does not believe he won, let alone getting a record number of votes. US democracy – the strongest and most brilliant democracy in the world – cannot be dependent on a series of unprincipled people and groups that weaken the popular will and try to seize power to implode the US, making the leader of the Free World a sort of  a member of a somewhat enlarged European Union based in Washington DC-Berlin.

The ultimate goal of these Barack Obama donors is only one: to link Berlin to Washington, creating a great political space in the image of Germany.

Americanism and the defense of patriotism and love for the USA is the only obstacle to this project of power; hence, the entire far-left Kamala-Obama Democratic Party speech is aimed at adapting electoral laws and democratic processes to its agenda of seizing power no matter what.

Always at the expense of “country America”, of American values, just as they try to weaken the State of Israel successively. The same logic of the BDS movement is being transposed into permanent action and discourse of opposition to the USA, as the Soviet Union tried to do in the last century.

Having that said, the next 6th (Wednesday) will be the first of a new battle – a decisive one! –  that will follow: until now, President Trump has essentially been playing defense by letting states take legal action, keeping , however, its regular presence on social networks.

Because President Trump understands that we are experiencing the first episodes of something that will be more intense in the near future: the information war. Against our external existential enemy – the Chinese Communist Party – and our internal existential enemies – the friends of the Communist China and those captured by the Chinese Communist Party’s interest octopus.

In Europe, there are already Governments, such as the Portuguese and the German, that are completely controlled by Xi and the elite that serves him – it is already known worldwide that the de facto Portuguese Prime Minister, Diogo Lacerda Machado, is a partner of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s campaign mentor, João Silveira Botelho, in a corporation based in Macau called GEOCAPITAL.

And in Germany, Merkel’s  closest businessmen leave no room for doubt: it is no coincidence that Angela Merkel has sheltered, in Berlin, in recent months, Ben Rhodes, Obama’s far left- activist and one of the strategists of NGOs that promote anti-USA and anti-Israel discourse around the world.

We now invite Angela Merkel to attend the debate that will take place in Congress on Wednesday: now yes, President Trump will have the opportunity to expose all the evidence at his disposal to show to the world the multiple irregularities committed intentionally to overthrow his presidency and the free will of the American people. There is an alligned strategy among some American anti-Americanist forces and some international (especially european) anti-strong America forces that we are working together to bring America down.

It should be recalled that President Trump is the incumbente President who got the most votes ever – and is the most popular personality in the U.S. today, being the first person to outperform President Barack Obama for the first time in twelve years.

For the American people, President Trump is the biggest star, shining even more than the Hollywood stars that so many moral lessons (?) like to lecture to pretty much everybody. Precisely because people realize what President Trump has done – and is doing.

An intense constitutional struggle will follow – and we will most likely move to a contested election scene.

Most Republicans will contest the certification of  electoral college deliberation in the face of suspected, and soon to be proved,  illegalities – Senator Ted Cruz will be the leader of this process of defending American Republican Democracy, confronting Democrats with plain evidence of what they know they have done (an authentic constitutional coup).

It is no accident that the Democrats changed their narrative: before, they claimed that the electoral process does not suffer from any addiction; then, that it was all President Trump’s made up story; today, they only say that irregular votes are not enough to  overturn the election. Democrats are very nervous – and they are losing their minds day after day…

What a beautiful photo – with the legit POTUS and the rising shinning star of American politics, Ivanka Trump – to start these very important days – today, winning in Georgia; tomorrow, uncovering the fraud to overthrow President Donald Trump, the most loved man in America in 2020 (according to Gallup), from office and to disrespect American People’s will. So MUCH to see in the next days! The Best is yet to come!

We can advance here first hand that President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have already forensic and expert evidence showing irregularities in state votes (especially in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan), which have not been used strategically until this moment. First, President Trump did let the democrats fool around a little bit, celebrating, drinking some champagne, allowing Macron to have some caviar with Joe Biden’s friends – and Angela Merkel, well, dreaming about going down in history as the one german leader who has restored Germany’s unique position in the world…

President Trump has counted on the precious collaboration of a true American patriot, an all-American Warrior, and a hero of freedom and world security, an example for all of us named Erik Prince.

Without giving many details (for obvious reasons), the unmatchable intelligence services of Black Cube managed to apprehend a server in Germany that is being analyzed and that could demonstrate the external interference in the American election in favor of Obama-Biden/Kamala, as well as about ten pen drives with very revealing content regarding Angela Merkel and the Chinese Communist Party’s performance in the last (large) months…

Not by chance, Secretary Pompeo made a trip, a few days after the November elections, to Paris to discuss with the French authorities the issue of Iran … and cybersecurity.

There was even a day when Secretary Pompeo’s agenda was … walking in the streets of Paris. It should also be noted that Secretary Pompeo did not make a stop (not even a pit stop) in Berlin, as it was supposed to happen in first place.

It is also no coincidence that the idea of ​​holding a conference of «Democratic Alliances» (??) proposed by Biden and Merkel, which would be in the coming weeks, even before Biden’s inauguration, has collapsed.

And Angela Merkel, after her initial euphoria around Biden, fell silent. She has been very quiet, except to praise the Chinese Communist Party. That is the standard rule to understand Angela Merkel and mosto f the EU politicians and bureaucrats: they are in silent or they are too weak to take resolute action – except when it comes to protect the Chinese Communist Party or the Iran of the Ayatollahs’s regime

In the coming months, we will see what kind of information will appear about Angela Merkel and what she tried to do to the USA …

For now, the most relevant thing is to defend the integrity of democracy in the USA, the leader of the Free World and the last beacon of hope for all free men and women of this world.

America is under attack even from its supposed allies, who decided to fall into the arms of the Chinese Communist Party. Future generations will thank President Trump for his resistance.

Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Ted Cruz, using constitutional mechanisms and safeguards, will save the will and the power of self-government constitutionally granted to the American people. Without forgetting the intervention of the US Supreme Court, as the very last resort…

The Chinese Communist Party’s media and dark interests, behind Merkel, may continue to declare victory for Biden, feeding their wishful thinking and globalist anti-Americanist political narratives  – “however, the storm is (will be) over, and we are in port”.

The storm is almost over – and when it is over – President Trump and the “Make America Great Again” will be on the command of the port to give shelter to all Americans, especially the most forgotten ones (the forgotten men and women will be forgotten no longer, as they have not been forogotten over the last four years) – and to illuminate, once again,  the World with the bright light of freedom, patriotism and people’s self-government coming directly from this port’s American and Americanist Lighthouse.

Keep America Winning, Winning, Winning!