Nuno Rogeiro: commentator in SIC NOTICIAS (a portuguese news channel) about foreign policy and geopolitical/global security matters. He has been a jornalist ininterruptely since 1973, belonging to the portuguese establishment caste system. His father was a Minister in the sixties; Nuno has received a sort of hereditary right (or privilege) to be for almost 40 years in the portuguese mainstream media.
In the 90ths, Nuno was invited to be a CIA Senior Political Analyst for the “markets” of Portugal, Syria, Lybia and Lebanon: he accepted and now he is the effective leading counselor of USA Embassy in Portugal. The USA Ambassador – including the current USA GREAT AGAIN Ambassador, Mr. George Glass- relies on information granted by Nuno Rogeiro to conduct his performance in this diplomatic office.
However, Nuno is systematically jeopardizing the advance of President Trump’s foreign policy agenda (and main goals) here in Lisbon, Portugal. Why? Because at the very same time, Nuno Rogeiro is also a main (and most favourite) advisor to the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Portugal, Cai Run. Nuno Rogeiro and Cai Run have forged a strong and close friendship, while Nuno (notwithstanding) remains as the main Senior Analyst to the US Embassy in Lisbon intelligence. And it is not a “covert operation” to collect intelligence for defending USA interests – it is quite the opposite.
Nuno Rogeiro is passing some sensitive information to Chinese Ambassador: for example, Rogeiro received the information that the Chief of Chinese Intelligence agency was planning to visit Lisbon at least three times in the end of last year/beginning of the present year. Instead of telling this info to the USA services, Nuno Rogeiro hid it and even helped Ambassador Cai Run to plan the visit, lobbying the portuguese official authorities to allow, without notice or any bureaucratic problem, the entrance of the head of Chinese Intelligence agency. On the contrary, Nuno Rogeiro warned the Chinese Ambassador about the details of Secretary Mike Pompeo’s visit to Portugal last December.
Nuno Rogeiro in his columns in a portuguese TV and in a portuguese magazine is telling all the time that China is the true friend and special
partner of Portugal, because before USA declaration of Independence and inception as a viable State, China and Portugal had already created a mutual friendship and “informal alliance”. That China and Portugal speak the same language, while the US and Portugal are just bystanders of convenience in the modern world.
Nuno Rogeiro is the one who most actively delegitimized and attacked any person who dared to explain that this pandemic is caused by the Chinese Communist Party’s incompetente, barbarian and autocratic nature and procedures. On national TV, Nuno Rogeiro mocked Secretary Pompeo and President Trump for labelling the virus as “Chinese virus” and for blaming the Chinese authorities for the outburst of this pandemic.
During the pandemics, Nuno Rogeiro was paid by Chinese Communist Party and corporations to lobby the Portuguese Government to acquire medical supplies, masks and other equipment from China. The Portuguese Government and some portuguese municipalities (local governments, like counties) have established some special protocols of cooperation with chinese companies and public entities, following Rogeiro’s advice. Nuno Rogeiro is very close to the Portuguese Ambassador in China, acting like his informal counselor.
Rogeiro and José Augusto Duarte – the portuguese Ambassador to Beijing – granted special treatment to Fosun, a CCP owned coporation. Rogeiro is close to General Leon Panetta (the great mastermind of letting China rise doctrine) and some Obama Administration senior officials (now all of them working as lobbysts).
All of the information Rogeiro has given to USA officials –even to CIA agente operating here in Lisbon – is systematically proven wrong. Unfortunately, USA Embassy has made some mistakes and did not act when was the right time to do so, not out of poor judgment, but because of the wrong and deturpated information Rogeiro had transmitted. Nonetheless, Rogeiro still works (as nothing happened) as the leading CIA Senior Analyst at the USA Embassy in Lisbon.
Some of these errors are not honest ones. As a matter of fact, Nuno Rogeiro is simulataneously paid by CIA and Beacon Global Strategies, an American intelligence company led by Andrew Shapiro – a former assistante to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Therefore, the mission of Nuno Rogeiro is to undermine any effort of President Trump’s foreign policy execution at the Embassy of the USA in Lisbon, acting like the President was not Donald J. Trump, but rather President Hillary R.Clinton.
Andrew Shapiro is one of the masterminds behind President Obama’s distancing from Israel and approaching to Iran – as well as behind that ingenious agreement with Cuba to restore diplomatic relations between the USA and the Castro’s brutal regime. Nuno Rogeiro is a business partner to Andrew Shapiro for the markets of Lybia, Lebanon, Turkey and Iran.
One of the main sources of Nuno Rogeiro in the USA is General Leon Panetta. As you know, General Panetta is a democrat who has been claiming for closer military ties with China, having even proposed a sort of outsourcing some US military capabilities to Chinese Army. Therefore, Nuno Rogeiro’s narrative is the one that allows him to defend Chinese Communist Party (his more profitable client, his more secure cash) without compromissing (in theory and so far this strategy has worked in practice at the US Embassy in Lisbon) his distinguishing and comfortable position at USA and, more specifically, within CIA.
Every week, on his TV show (broadcasted on a national TV channel), Nuno Rogeiro criticizes POTUS, almost humiliating the US President on personal terms. Also, Nuno Rogeiro systematically points his finger at the USA policies, positioning himself against the USA in key moments – and, conversely, prefers to stand himself alongside the declared worst enemies of the USA (again: especially China). He says nothing but very good words about China and the Chinese Communist Party: Nuno Rogeiro is always very careful and methodic when it comes to refer himself to the barbarian Chinese Communist Party and chinese provocations around the globe. For example – which is quite strange – Nuno Rogeiro has just rarely mentioned the Chinese Communist Party’s offenses to International Law in the South China Sea.
Additionally, Nuno Rogeiro has been working with Chinese authorities and corporations during this CCP’s virus crisis. And he even had the nerve to announce it publicly in SABADO, a portuguese news magazine (where he writes every week): he announced he had made the crucial contacts put portuguese government and chinese government in touch in order to increase trade between both countries during this pandemics. He even told he has a special relationship both with portuguese Ambassador to Beijing and the Chinese Ambasador in Portugal – and that a special treatment is granted to the Portuguese Ambassador by the Chinese Communist Party’s
authorities. One of the reasons is that Portuguese Ambassador, José Augusto Duarte, is very close to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (President of Portugal), having worked with the Portuguese President prior to his move to Beijing.
Here is an excerpt of a Nuno Rogeiro’s article in SABADO, about USA, Portugal and China: “During the past 15 years, a voice was telling us in Portugal that we were being retailed to China. The image – primary or not – served to return to thinking about what we want, as a national community. Assuming – in what I believe – that we are still one… In its relations with China, Portugal cannot be governed by external pressure from the USA, Russia or the European Union, but because of what the political community considers to be the «national interest». This, of course, can vary from generation to generation, but it is legitimate as long as it corresponds to a verifiable (and not just assumed) and broad internal consensus, neither imported nor imposed. Portugal has known China since at least 1511, long before Portugal had even known USA, European Union or Russia. Portugal has known China for several regimes, both in the Middle Kingdom and in Lisbon. Relations have not always been easy, but Macau has developed into a major trading post between China, Japan and the West”. This is the same guy (Senior Analyst working for the CIA!) who has the duty to identify the American enemies and threats to American National Top Interests and Values in Portugal and Africa. The reason is that one of his corporations – GASPORSUL, Lda. – is working as well for the Chinese interests in Africa. Nuno Rogeiro, as the intermediary of the deals signed between portuguese government and chinese authorities
regarding medical supplies and masks, has received generous fees for the transactions. And that is not all. Nuno Rogeiro wrote a little book called “Trump – A Populist in the White House: A Balance”: , in which he advocates that President Trump is destroying America – and that, actually, after four years of President Trump, America is already wrecked for good. In this book, Nuno Rogeiro exposes details of CIA and Secret Service’s security plans and itineraries, including a very photographic description of the route President Trump would take in Portugal for his State VIsit in 2018 (which did not happen due to unpredictable political and weather events in the USA). This includes the hotels where President Trump’s and his staff would be accommodated. And – amazingly as it seems – Nuno Rogeiro offered a sign copy of the book to…Chinese Ambassador to Portugal, to Turkish Ambassador and Iranian (these three for sure – we assume that more Ambassadors from Pariah countries have received a copy…). Nuno Rogeiro, on his TV shows, basically uses sources from Turkish Embassy, Iranian Embassy, Iraqi Embassy and Chinese Embassy. On his TV show, Nuno Rogeiro quite often spreads the talking points he received from Turkish Embassy (somehow, he has maintaining a strong connection with this Embassy during the last years).

Another CCP’s asset working closely with USA Embassy officials in Lisbon is Jaime Nogueira Pinto. Jaime started to work with USA Embassy in the 70ths, when a Communist dictatorship was on the brink in Portugal.
Before that, Jaime Nogueira Pinto had been a fierce adversary of the USA – and in the last decades, he got back to his original standing regarding America. He founded a lobby corporation – GAPORSUL, Lda. with Jaime
Nogueira Pinto – and he is the favourite of CCP linked or even owned corporations, he opened some markets in Africa to chinese interests, he lobbies African officials to grant special treatments to chinese interests and he has been one of the most vocal supporters for the spread and implementation of “One Road, One Belt” domination project. Nuno Rogeiro is affraid of Jaime Nogueira Pinto, so basically Rogeiro is the straw man of Jaime Nogueira Pinto. Nonetheless, Jaime Nogueira Pinto is the one who still has na importante role in the USA Embassy strategies here in Portugal.

Vasco Rato: Professor of International Relations and a proud lobbyist, who in the beginning of this century tried everything to get in touch with Karl Rove. As he did not manage to do, he flipped to the democrats – and, maneuvering in the backstage, V. Rato was nominated as President of Portuguese-American Foundation (a public Foundation to foster the relations between Portugal and the USA, with a special connection to the Embassy). During his tenure, as a gesture of gratitude, Vasco has become a major cheerleader for the Obama Administration here and for the democrats in general.
As Portuguese-American Foundation has several finantial investments in its portfolio, Vasco Rato used some to finance two tech companies that his friends had set up.
The goal was to persuade Ambassador Robert Sherman – Obama’s Ambassador to Portugal – to attract some capital from the democrats donors or friends and sell the majority of shares to a chinese fund. Vasco Rato has actively (direct and indirectly) campaigned for Hillary Clinton (even in the portuguese communities in the USA) and guaranteed to his friend and business partner, former Prime-Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, that Hillary’s winning was more than certain.
After President Trump’s election, Ambassador Sherman left the country – and Vasco Rato left office in Portuguese-American Foundation. Ever since, Vasco Rato is looking desperately for funding to his companies, trying to reach out simultaneously to the GOP and President Trump allies (people in charge right now) and to Chinese Communist Party’s officials. Meanwhile, Vasco Rato mandated some portuguese lawyers to negotiate with Venezuelan Maduro’s straw men to use his company to expatriate money to Europe.
Vasco is writing a book on China, which main point is that President Trump is correct, but he is disastrous in terms of style; and the democrats would do much better if they were in charge vis a vis China. His ai mis clear: to not blatantly close doors to Presidente Trump; while trying at the very same time to let the doors wide open to a special partnership to democrats, which could bring him the so desired capital to his companies.
Interestingly enough, Vasco Rato, during his tenure as President of Portuguese-American Foundation, invested a lot of Foundation’s capital in funds connected to Health Services – precisely, the market Chinese Communist Party’s proxies were looking for in Portugal in the last years, with particular anxiety.
Linked with Vasco Rato is Jorge Antas de Barros, also a diplomat (representing here Lithuania) and a fellow very appreciated in China Communist Party for his work lobbying Singapure’s officials on behalf of China. Jorge Antas de Barros uses his diplomatic status to pressure USA Embassy in Lisbon in benefit of Chinese interests – especially in what concerns to energy market. Jorge tried to stop USA efforts to block an Acquisition Public Offer from China Three Gorges to Portuguese main electricity company.
Vasco Rato counts on the activism of some of his former students and now Faculty colleagues to push his interests through. Tiago Moreira de Sá is a Professor and TV commentator (suggested by Vasco Rato) who wrote a book on President Trump (critical) and is predicting President Trump’s fall ever since 2017. Tiago is a guest to Chinese Embassy parties and receptions. Nevertheless, Tiago Moreira de Sá is a regular presence at the USA Ambassador, George Glass, residence here in Lisbon, he is invited by all private parties (reserved, supposedly to the closest allies of USA in Portugal) and he is trusted with sensitive information from the Ambasador and the Embassy’s officials. And he puts some of this information on…Facebook, expressing his pride for having na exclusive friendship with Chinese Ambassador and US Ambassador!
Vasco Rato is also close to Nicolás Maduro Ambassador here in Lisbon and he is a cherished figure by Venezuelan regime. Also, Rato is using Filipe Pathé Duarte to collect intelligence from USA Embassy.
Vasco Rato’s investments during his tenure as President of Portuguese-American Foundation were reproved by an independente auditor. Vasco Rato is looking for financing by ABANCA (a spanish bank, with ties to Nicolás
Maduro’s Venezuelan Bad Hombres) for some companies he helped to create during in tenure at Portuguese-American Foundation.

One important chinese asset with special access to USA Embassy (and who are undermining President Trump and Secretary Pompeo’s foreign policy principles and goals) is Paulo Portas and his group, including João Rebelo and Adolfo Mesquita Nunes.
Paulo Portas is Professor and international counselor of Fudan University, the school of and for Chinese Communist Party’s elites, and of Renmin University of China. Obviously, as Paulo Portas is just a former journalist and politician (Foreign Affairs Minister and Vice-Prime-Minister), not an academic, he just teaches in China, invited by Chinese Government – in exchange for his full and total support for chinese interests in Portugal. Paulo Portas uses his TV show about global affairs in a major TV channel to brainwash portuguese people with CCP’s propaganda. In Prime-time! Paulo Portas is collecting intelligence, direct and indirectly, from US Embassy and, personally, from US Amabassador, Mr. George Glass.
João Rebelo – Paulo Portas’ most intimate friend – is using NATO to collect intelligence for Chinese and…Iran. He has jut got elected as President of Atlantic Comission for Portugal (na Association linked to NATO). This Comission is used to lobby and make business deals even in contradiction with NATO policies and in benefit of NATO’s enemies.
João Rebelo is the guy who is actively contributing to launder the money criminally obtained by Asdrúbal Chavez, one of the closest allies of Venezuelan (illegit) Presidente, Nicolás Maduro. Asdrúbal Chavez is currently serving as President of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), under the direct dependency of Maduro’s Minister, Tareck Al-Aissami, a lebanese with connections to the terrorist group Hezbollah. Tareck Al.Aissami is on the “most wanted list” of ICE, as demonstrated by the following warning:

In February 2017, the U.S Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) designated Tareck Zaidan El Aissami, a Venezuelan citizen, as a specially designated narcotics trafficker (SDNT) pursuant to the Kingpin Act for playing a significant role in international narcotics trafficking. El Aissami was appointed Executive Vice President of Venezuela in January 2017. He previously served as Governor of
Venezuela’s Aragua state from 2012 to 2017, as well as Venezuela’s Minister of Interior and Justice starting in 2008. He facilitated shipments of narcotics from Venezuela, to include control over planes that left from a Venezuelan air base and drug routes through the ports in Venezuela. In his previous positions, he oversaw or partially owned narcotics shipments of more than 1,000 kilograms from Venezuela on multiple occasions, including those with the final destinations of Mexico and the United States.
El Aissami has been designated as target of the U.S. Department of State’s Narcotics Rewards Program, with an up to $10 million reward to be offered for information leading to his arrest and/or conviction”.
Asdrúbal Chavez is El Aissami’s new ally – this alliance is forged due to their necessity to survive in the regime. Asdrúbal Chavez is laundering money in Portugal with the collaboration of João Rebelo and Paulo Portas (who owns Vinciamo Consulting, a corporation of “political consulting” and lobbying). They count with the legal advice of Belzuz Advogados, a portuguese-spanish Law Firm.
João Rebelo and Paulo Portas are also working for the Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce, helping Iranian businessmen to evade USA sanctions against Iran.
Regarding exclusively to Paulo Portas, the former Vice-Prime-Minister of Portugal is working for Mota-Engil ( a Construction company) and he was the mastermind behind the sell of more than 30% of the company’s shares to CCCC (Chinese Construction and Communications Company), a major public owned chinese corporation (the key corporation to implement chinese imperialist “One Belt, One Road” strategy). This corporation – CCCC – was sanctioned by President Trump’s decision, after advice from the Pentagon, due to its envolvement in South China Sea military ilegit disturbances. This is a major confrontational decision Mota Engil/Paulo Portas against the USA decided to take.
Paulo Portas, in exhange for his favors to Chinese Communist Party during his term in the Government and after he left office, was rewarded with a position of VIsiting Professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, where most of the CCP’s elite is based (at least, financial elite). In the International Advisory Board – to which Paulo Portas is a Member -, the portuguese sits alongside dangerous figures for USA National Security such as Alexsandr Dugin (idolatrized by both far-left and far-right) and some top counselors to iranian Ayatollahs.
Paulo Portas is deemed to be selling some confidential data regarding Portuguese Defense structures, Technologies and strategies, as well as NATO’s, to China official authorities.
Paulo Portas left PEMEX (Petroleum of Mexico) Advisory Council after the former President Peña Nieto left office and a corruption scandal has come out affecting some top Mexican officials.

Currently, at the USA Embassy in Lisbon is working Daniel Alvarenga, a former journalist to Reuters. More specifically, he is working in the Economic Department. Daniel Alvarenga is graduated in a far-left british university and had worked in South Africa at the Centre for Chinese Studies. Curiously, South Africa is the country where Jaime Nogueira Pinto and Nuno Rogeiro hold the main center of their intelligence consulting business.
This Centre for Chinese Studies (Stellenbosch University), although officialy declares itself as impartial and not-biased, systematically presents a very favorable perspective on China and the Chinese Communist Party’s presence and interests in Africa. This institute for which Daniel Alvarenga used to work has a very special connection with Confucious Institute, the Chinese School of Culture and Language that are being put at CCP’s service to collect intelligence about the country and their most influential people around the globe. President Trump has determined the closing of some of these institutes in the USA som months ago. Nevertheless, Daniel Alvarenga continues to work for the Embassy, having access to sensitive information regarding Portugal-USA trade ties. Under his advice, the Embassy remains silent in face of the rising presence of China in vital sectors in Portugal.
Daniel Alvarenga was colleague and is a very close friend to Shrikesh Laxmidas, Direcor of “Jornal Económico”, a weekly newspaper about economics. Laxmidas has strong ties to Nicolás Maduro’s “bad hombres” and used to work as a correspondent for Reuters for Iranian affairs (he is well esteemed amongst the Ayatollahs).
Shrikesh Laxmidas works simultaneously as a lobbyst and a business consultant to identify investment opportunities in Portugal for the iranian Ayatollahs. Additionally, Shriskesh Laxmidas is working with the Turkish-Armenian Mustafa Kerbekian to develop business partnerships in Portugal – and he was envolved in the chinese presence in Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
Both Alvarenga and Laxmidas are friends to Nuno Rogeiro/Jaime Nogueira Pinto.

Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is the founder and legal partner at SRS Advogados (Rebelo de Sousa Lawyers). Pedro Rebelo de Sousa was very close (and still is) to former US Ambassador, Robert Sherman – Rebelo de Sousa tried that Mr. Sherman used his influence to open doors for him in the USA. Specifically, Rebelo de Sousa was eager to legally advice partnership between US and Chinese businessmen. Remember that Mr. Sherman’s wife is also a lawyer and a venture capital investor with stakes in chinese companies.Back then, Rebelo de Sousa was a very frequent guest to USA Ambassador’s Residence in Portugal.
Rebelo de Sousa was invited to be on the Board of Directores of HAITONG (a Chinese Venture Capital corporation) in 2016. In 2017, Rebelo de Sousa resigned from his official duties in HAITONG, following a request made by his brother, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. However, Pedro Rebelo de Sousa has not quit from working for HAITONG: as a matter of fact, it was just a make-up operation to take Pedro Rebelo de Sousa from the spotlight, hiding his connection to HAITONG: he has continued his close partnership with HAITONG up to this day, as this chinese communist party’s corporation’s lawyer.
HAITONG is an informal and most relevant chinese central of intelligence – HAITONG is practically out of business and its rationale nowadays (which justifies its existence) is just the spionage HAITONG members and chinese workers. Wu Min, the CEO of HAITONG PORTUGAL, is a former Chinese intelligence officer – he is collecting information and are transfering the information available to HAITONG to Chinese authorities. A lot of portuguese politicians are being blackmailed (and are afraid of what HAITONG – Chinese authorities might do) by Chinese due to the information which are in possession of HAITONG.
HAITONG is also a vehicle for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, working closely with MMS (Chinese Intelligence): Wu Min operates directly under Chen Wenqing’s supervision (the chief of Chinese Intelligence services- MMS: Chen has visited Portugal several times in the last two years). Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is the main source of HAITONG, acting like na “indirect chinese agency”.
Quite interesting is to see that Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is also President of Millenium BCP’s Assembly-General. Millenium BCP’s is a bank controlled by FOSUN, another CCP’s corporation. FOSUN, through MIillenium BCP, controlls a quite significant bunch of portuguese politicians (including Pedro Passos Coelho’s long time aide, Pedro Reis, and some PSD and CDS important figures). Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is at the same time at FOSUN and at HAITONG. It is not a coincidence, therefore, that the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (Pedro’s brother) has sponsored dozens of iniciatives promoting China in Portugal…and in Macau. Bear in mind that this support is na official one – a support by the Portuguese Presidency of Republic. This incluedes na international conference, in Lisbon, promoting the Silk Road imperialist Chinese Communist Party’s project.
Rumour has it that HAITONG has some compromissing materials on Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, including not so legal business transactions and intimate photos. Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is trying to build a friendship with Ambassador George Glass (USA Ambassador to Portugal) in order to divert from his chinese interests and deep connections to Chinese Communist Party – and, on the other hand, to convence George Glass that the best strategy is to play with God and Devil – that USA should embrace chinese investment and should participate in chinese corporations as well.
Pedro Rebelo de Sousa and his partners at SRS Lawyers (Nuno Calaim Lourenço e Alexandra Valente) are representing HAITONG, under Wu Min (Chinese Intelligence asset in financial market) instructions, in TAP (Portuguese Airlines Company) operation (Portuguese Government has everything set to hand the controlo ver this strategic corporation to Chinese hands).
Pedro Rebelo de Sousa and Haitong are conductiing together the process of privatization of EFACEC, na importante portuguese company, which is in possesssion of a lot of information regarding portuguese economy, portuguese corporations and portuguese exports to Africa.
Do not forget that Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is the main donor of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: a lot of sensitive information is certainly being transfered from the Presidency of Republic to Chinese authorities.
One of the most important straw men (in this case, straw woman, to be politically correct) of Pedro Rebelo de Sousa is Esmeralda Silva Dourado. The portuguese public has heard about Esmeralda in 2016 for the very first time – surprisingly, she was the spokesperson for Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’
s campaign. Esmeralda Dourado is alongise Pedro Rebelo de Sousa member of Círculo Eça de Queirós Board of Directors, which is essentially a lobbyst elitist group working for Pedro Rebelo de Sousa and Rebelo de Sousa’s family (in Chiado, Lisbon).
Esmeralda Dourado – acting on request of Pedro Rebelo de Sousa – changed in 2017 the Portuguese law of Markets and Stocks Exchange to facilitate the Chinese Communist Party’s corporation, China Three Gorges ‘s public offer to EDP (energy company of Portugal). Once again, here is na evidence of Pedro Rebelo de Sousa intensively work for the Chinese Communist Party, lobbying the politicians to change the laws in benefit of Chinese Communist Party.
Esmeralda Dourado is being promoting the entrance of chinese capital in a multitude of portuguese and brazilian corporations (she made fortune in Brazil, always with Pedro Rebelo de Sousa) and belongs to some pro-chinese associations. Interesting is also to note that Esmeralda Dourado was another great donor to Presidente Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s campaign.
Esmeralda Dourado is member of TAP (Portuguese Airlines Company) Board of Directors, nominated by the Portuguese Government (Socialist), with the informal approval of President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. TAP is on the process to be sold to the chinese.

The USA Embassy is adviced legally by PLMJ Law Firm. PLMJ, through its managing partners Luís Pais Antunes and Diogo Perestrelo, are representing BEIJING AIRLINES interests in the TAP operation. PLMJ has many chinese clientes connected to Chinese Communist Party and has declared China as a strategic market. Also, Uria Menendez – law firm dominated by Daniel Proença de Carvalho, a socialista linked to José Sócrates (a politician charged for corruption) and the Chinese owners of Global Media – has had a strong connection to USA Embassy in Lisbon, specially during Obama’s Ambassadors, but has continued up to this day. Daniel Proença Carvalho invites Ambassador Glass for several events and private meetings.
Ambassador George Glass seems to realize what is happening – with many people trying to boycott President Trump’s agenda at the Embassy in Lisbon –, however, he looks beaten-up by the structure: the Ambassador of Venezuela/Guaidó told us that the Ambassador had confided him that he feels very alone, with no space of manuever. Nuno Rogeiro/Jaime Nogueira
Pinto and their portuguese friends – and a “team who prefers to party than to work “ (his words, according to Guaido’s Ambassador), are too strong and maintains the Embassy as their center of own interests much more than as an actual way of promoting and defending America’s foreign policy top priorities.
Morais Leitão Lawyers are the ones behind many chinese operations in Portugal – most of the lawyers in this firm worked with CDS/PP (political party of Paulo Portas/João Rebelo/Adolfo Mesquita Nunes), serving the personal interests of this group. Paulo Portas/João Rebelo/ Pedro Rebelo de Sousa are the most dangerous actives of China Communist Party in Portugal.
All these above mentioned individuals are undermining President Trump’s foreign policy, boycotting USA Embassy work and helping Chinese Embassy – and CCP and other enemies of the United States – to be stronger than ever here in Portugal.
The truth is that China, despite the CCP’s virus, has never been so stronger in Portugal, and instead of weakening due to President Trump’s wise policy, CCP’s leverage over portuguese politics has spiked in the last years.
Last weekend, even Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, humiliated the USA Embassy, criticizing the Ambassador, calling the Embassy’s officials amateurs (using two close friends) and complimenting China and CCCP’s officials in Lisbon. The USA Embassy has not replied to the Minister or taken any gesture to respond to the Minister’s humiliation. There are people who are undermining President Trump’s foreign policy, undermining both USA and Portugal national security.