CHEGA Party, a strong and convinced defender of the State of Israel


On the Plenary Session of 29th of January,  the Portuguese Assembly aproved unanimously cast, a vote of condolence for the victims of the Holocacaust.

It was, as we said before unanimously, and the whole Chamber kept a minute of silence.

In the end everyone applauded except for Mr. André Ventura

Because this fact has often been commented on, the CHEGA Party decided to provide the clarifications contained in this communiqué. 

Obviously sharing with all the other Parliamentary Benches the feeling of absolutly repudiation for the Holocaust, Deputy André Ventura voted in favor and kept a minute of silence. 

However, and because the President of the Parliament – also author of the vote’s text – having not limited himself, as he should, to regret the Holocaust, deciding to take the opportunity to make false considerations that the President of CHEGA understood were indirectly addressed to him, Mr. Ventura decided to show his disagreement with this attitude by not applauding at the end. 

This fact has often been used to accuse Deputy André Ventura and CHEGA Party of anti-Semitism. 

About this we decided to apply the following considerations: 

CHEGA is the only Portuguese Political Party that assume in its Program, and I quote, «an unmistakable commitment to the defence of the State of Israel, in the face of the upsurge of anti-Semitism and terrorist threads that the Jewish people are subject to, pushing for the transfer of the Portuguese Embassy to Jerusalém». 

CHEGA Party expresses its strongest disgust at the profound hypocrisy of other portuguese parties, that that day applauded that vote of condolence in the Plenary Session, but who tenaciously defend the liquidation of the State of Israel, unfolding in successive votes of condemnation of the same State, under the most varied pretexts, or remaining neutral in the permanent struggle of the State of Israel, to survive the permanent attacks of its multiple enemies. 

CHEGA Party is firmly confident that the State of Israel and its strict security policies are the safest defence against possible future holocausts.

The national and internacional left wing parties with its permanent attitude of attack and hate speach against the State of Israel, are openning a door to those possible future holocausts! 

CHEGA has no doubt that a nation without land on which it can or may anchor, is a fragile nation, and its exposed to all attacks since it has very little defence possibilities.

The Jewish people know this very well from experience and for this reason, their commitment and resillience in maintaining a solid, prosperouse State, capable of defending itself against all attacks.

It is up to good people, whatever their nation, to support this effort, because only this can guarantee that the Holocaust will not be repeated. 

CHEGA Party will always be, in Portugal or everywhere else, a strong and convinced defender of the State of Israel, and of the inalienable right of the Jewish people to have a firm, solid and prosperous homeland,0 and of its right, total and unquestionable, to defend themselves from whoever wants to liquidate it. 

Let all this be very clear!